What's Your Word?

Focus blog pic

I had a friend ask me a couple of days before 2018 was over, “What’s your word for 2019?” and I kind of panicked. What do you mean what’s my word?! I need to have a word?! Why don’t I have a word?! She went on to tell me what her word was and why, and in that moment I knew I had some thinking to do.  What the heck is my 2019 word????

As I started to think about it, I realized that at the beginning of 2018 I actually had a word. It was “fearless” and you can read my very first blog post “Be Fearless” to know why.  The decision of that very word is what lead me to start my blog in the first place. And now it was time to find a new word for a new year!

I thought long and hard about this. What do I want my year to be about? What do I need to work on? What area of my life can apply more focus?

AHA! There it is! FOCUS!

In the past couple of years I’ve grown SO much. I’ve learned so many lessons, cut bad habits, and become very self aware, but still sometimes I forget to actually apply these lessons to my life. It’s like a New Years resolution…. You start off really strong and then come February you accidentally eat an entire box of Krispy Kreme donuts, or you forget how to get to the gym. Oops!

I get so easily distracted with life that i forget I learned a lesson, and then life decides to teach it to me over and over again until it really sticks. Honestly, that’s my lack of focus. If I can just remember to remember, then I could really kill it at life and start achieving some of these goals I’ve been slacking on!

So FOCUS is my word.

Ok. Cool. Now what? I picked this word because I lacked FOCUS, but now I need FOCUS in order to work on my FOCUS?! Ugh, I’m screwed!

Well, I made a list of a couple of ways I can “focus on my focus”:


-Make it a point to check in with myself throughout the day and ask myself questions like, “Am I being distracted right now?” “Can I be giving more attention to whatever it is I’m doing right now?” “Can I turn the focus up a notch right now?”

-Set weekly tasks in order to get closer to my goals every week. If I set timelines for myself I am more likely to hone in on the focus in order to make sure I reach that goal.

-Set intentions every morning to be focused throughout the day. I feel like when I start my day with an intention, the Universe works in my favor to help me achieve it.

-Check in with myself every night. “Was I focused today?”  “Where did I get distracted and how can I fix that moving forward?”

Now I ask you, what is YOUR word for 2019? If you already have one, great! If not, I strongly suggest you pick one and really decide to make your year about that word.  Like I said, the Universe loves to support you when you set intentions and make powerful decisions.

So here’s what i know:

-Having a word is crucial. Make sure you pick one that you feel really good about.

-If you are having a hard time picking a word, I’m totally down to share mine! We can FOCUS together and support each other in reaching our goals!

-The Universe always has your back. Ask it to help you with whatever your word is and it will move mountains for you.

Sending you love,